Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Been so long...

Yup, it has been so long since I've updated this blog. I was in a slump before and wasting my time mostly on Youtube videos, TV shows and movies stealing, fanfic making and studying. Notice that studying is put at the last place there.

I really have no idea what to do with this blog. Should I review more fanfic? Reviews the Tokusatsu instead? Anything else? I was in a great creator's block. Or you could say, blogger's blog??

Nah... bad one.

Either way, I also kinda busy with fanfic building myself, perhaps why even reviewing others' works seems heavy to me. It is probably stemming from my own jealousy toward all of those awesome writers out there that gets a lot of great reviews not just on the borderlines of "this is good" or "update soon" or "more plz!". Like, actual reviews with words and stuff.

So I try my best to make my own fics. Guess the result. They are all bad. So bad they got no reviews. Not even subscriptions.

But that never really hurt me or anything. I was like, "maybe if I make more chapters with good story telling, they'll found my stories good?"

Then again, I never really did much chapters like my first fanfic. I ended up getting more blocks and ended up making more new fanfics.

Still, that doesn't really stop me or anything. As much as I love to create more ideas, I love writing a lot more.

But this year is just... a big year for me as a writer. It is my first time engaging haters.

Wow, I have no idea what my fic did that tick them off so bad that they start spewing flames all over me. I was like, "oh shit, what did I do wrong? Is it my story telling? the plot? the characters? Probably the characters. They are badly written after all."

They are all OCs after all. I wasn't fully aware of how much hatred those people against them.

But you know something that made me curious? Why now? What happen to all of those times when the reviews are nothing but empty silence? Why is the glorious Fanfiction.net has become Youtube somehow?

I got stuff like, "You suck. Your OC is just a self insert. I suggest do this and that. Delete your story."


What the fuck is wrong with these people!? That's just the first chapter for a continuous story. Can't you wait for at least 2 chapters in? Why being savage here??

I ended up feeling depressed and did what I hate certain authors did; deleting fics.

I delete some I just couldn't care anymore, make an entirely new story around them, post it for the public to hate.

I was wondering stuff along the way.

If you hate those fics, why can't you just ignore them? The button back on your browser has a reason for being there, you know? You are not being forced to read them.

Also, WHY HIDING AS GUESTS? Are you commenting as a reader only? You don't have an account? Can't make your own story if you hate others so much? Scared I'm sending trolls responds to you? I AM NOT AS LOW AS YOU. YOU CAN GO BACK TO YOUR MOM'S BASEMENT FOR ALL I CARE, YOU MISTAKES OF THE UNIVERSE!

Suggesting how I did my stuff!!?? Hello, who's the writer here? You think I made those on a whim? Kinda true, but all the main points have been fleshed out by yours truly!

It's not like your suggestion is that great either. I'm not hating your words, but at least understand that I want to may MY story, not YOURS.

And delete my story? How about you delete your memory about my fictions? Do you even have any authority to do that?

I know this is internet, where it is the living place of some of the most idiotic people ever. But how much of an idiot you guys are to understand the limits of your words?

I hope you guys know that the internet is supposed to train you on how to speak to real people, not creating a second personality of a rage monkeys while maintaining your PUSSY ASS MIND OUTSIDE OF THE COMPUTER!

Please, just let me make my own stories the way I want it to be. It doesn't matter how bad it is, or how suck it is, it shouldn't be yours to care about. We can accept gays, lesbians, transsexual, but we can't accept people with bad writings? How petty can you be?

Reflect on your own self, SNAIL SHIT.

From: The guy who just want to enjoy writing weird and original (kinda) stuff.
Also to: Smart people in the internet that know how to respect others feelings. You guys are the only people I can trust.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fanfic 2 Read: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Vs Power Ranger Samurai

Ah! I am finally back! After a long time of hibernating from blog posts that nobody actually care about and from fanfiction of fictions, someone finally help me by telling me what could I post next. Thanks a lot, ChrisX. Check out his post because it seems he is waay better than me in getting ideas on what to post. Seriously, I have no idea on what should I do.

Before I talked about Zukini's Super Sentai Vs Power Ranger, where we found out how much unsatisfactory I can have toward his. My fanfiction is cretainly bad, but I certainly hates someone who is waay worse than mine.

So, if you think that SSVsPR is bad because of the uncontrollable amount of characters, you might have thought that smaller amount of characters will make more differences, right? Well, let me introduce you to Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Vs Power Ranger Samurai by Arnold McGuire 335.

If there is a team-up of these two only, I'm still going to support it. In fact, I'm doing it right now...

A hate fic. Showing his hatred toward Power Rangers. Making them a bad guy when we obviously know that ALL Power Rangers are good people. Seriously, have you ever seen bad Power Rangers? Owh, you are thinking about Green Mighty Morphin, Psycho Rangers and White Dino Thunder (both versions) right?

Well, guess what! Green MM and White DT (Trent) are all used by evil. They couldn't think straight much at that time. But when they do, they started fighting for good, right? And the other White DT is just a clone all along. Psycho Rangers? They don't have the word 'Power' inside their team name. You cannot call them Power Rangers without that...

So, Arnold's sole reason for hating PR is because, we all know, they are adaptations of Super Sentai. So what?

Why won't he goes mad about Zaido, Metal Heroes' adaptation to Philipine? And what about Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, KR Ryuki's US version?

I don't mind if you want to hate on Power Rangers IF their story are really bad (example: Disney's Power Rangers, mostly SPD, except RPM) but NOT because of the fact that they are adaptations.

So what if there people who thinks every colored heroes are Power Rangers? It's not like they actually know what Super Sentai is. They don't get the sudden knowledge of Super Sentai after watching Power Rangers to actually acknowledge them. You know them by research.

And they did not deserve the hate because they obviously tell everyone that they are adapted from Super Sentai in the credits. Owh, wait. Did anyone actually bother in watching credit? No? Well, that's your fault. Don't blame them.

To be honest, I love Power Rangers as well, especially RPM. Maybe not much on Samurai, but there are Power Rangers that is awesome! Just like how there are Super Sentai that gives a bit of facepalming by fans...

Anyway, back to the fanfic, it's mostly about how the two team meet up and fight. Without any proper intro. They were all like "Hey, I hate you. Let's fight."

Seriously? The very first introduction they could have get in any team up is "Who are you? Let's introduce ourselves together."

Heck, I don't think Carranger Vs Ohranger did "I hate you. Let's fight," before they fight each other. They were more like "Why are you helping that thing that I think is evil? You deserve a fight!" kind of thing.

You know what good intro I think we should have for both group? Like this:

Luka: Shinkenger? But we have their keys.

Gai: They are not Shinkenger! Not from what I know.

Marvelous: Interesting!

Emily: Are they...Power Rangers too

Mike: Maybe they are the different kind of Power Rangers. You know, like RPM?

Jayden: Let us find out.

There. Simple. Is it so hard to think of something like that?

Owh, and guess what? He makes it as if Samurai are evil that they trusted obviously monsters that easy. Not to be racist here, but if you never have an alien friend before, how can you trust a monster-looking alien to fight human-looking alien that obviously leaving with earthling peacefully just like that? What, is Samurai lose their kindness now, that they just blatantly fight them?

And no! Power Rangers are NOT the copy of Super Sentai! Let me ask you this. Is the name of the Red Samurai is Takeru Shiba? Is the name of that thing they use to change is called Shodophone? Is the villain is called Gedoushuu? Is the name of the goddamn main robot is Shinken-Oh? Are the characters of the show are mostly Japanese? Are you thinking that Power Rangers are not just the imitation of Super Sentai? Then if all the answers are no, then congratulations! You failed English! You literally didn't know what the meaning of the word "copy".

Call me Grammar Nazi, but you are literally making yourself a fool if you think that way, the same as how fool those people who thinks Super Sentai is the adaptation of Power Rangers. No, maybe you are worse because you actually know those two!

And how did the two team ended up together? I DON'T KNOW! NO F(BLEEP)ING EXPLANATION!

We all know that in Super Hero Taisen, Marvelous actually said to the rest of Gokaigers that both Kamen Riders and Super Sentai cannot live in the same world together. Meaning, somehow their worlds emerge.

But did Arnold say anything about how the two fuse? No idea. He didn't even mention any.

And Mega Mode is used outside of Megazord battle? How stupid is...he? Or she? I don't know, can someone confirm this Arnold's identity? I don't even know if he is a human or a Zangyack alien. Maybe he works with Basco, trying to put up a fight between the two team so that Gokaiger will get casualities while Basco effortlessly get all the powers. Maybe he works with Deker, trying to kill of those Samurai so that Jayden will be in despair and agree to fight Deker?

Either way, the fic is cancelled because obviously hate fics will never get their proper endings.

Hmmm, this Arnold alien give me a good one-shot review fic idea; a continuation of that thing! I'll give you a spoiler, thanks to RPM and Akibaranger, the barrier of the worlds will be open and let the two team to beat up Arnold to death. Okay, maybe worse than just dead...

Owh, stars? Nah, this thing is already canceled, so it does not deserve even 0.000001 star(s).

Seriously, if you guys are looking for a better Gokaiger Vs Samurai, just read GokaiMaster's because it is indeed the true team up fic.


If you guys looking for a fic that combines Japanese's Tokusatsu Super Heroes, American's Marvel Super Heroes (since I don't read DC) and some other stuff that knows how to handle an incredibly uncontrollable amount of characters, read my Affliate Zero. If you want to know how the lives of certain heroes like Marvelous, Ahim or Gentaro from Kamen Rider Fourze if they have different storylines, read my Affliate Zero: Sacred Jewelries. Or to know what happen if men are extinct to only few people on the earth, read my Affliate Zero Side-Story: Apocalypse.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Issue With Go-busters Continuity in Super Sentai

In Tokumei Sentai Go-busters, it is stated that the story is somehow in the future. The year is rather than the standard Anno Domini, it is now in Anno Novi.

First, one should know that for the calendar to change it's name, it has to have something new happened in one year that effects the whole world, then the calendar can change it's name (learned from Gundam). Since Enetron is found waay before the Go-busters get their powers, so I assumed that Anno Novi calendar is created in the future of this world.

So, where is Go-busters within the Super Sentai? Is Gokaiger is the end for every single continuity in Super Sentai? Or Go-busters is just somehow in the future of the timeline? Like Timeranger except they don't travel back through time?

My guess? Yes.

Since Toei is all about money, so this can become their excuse to have the next Super Sentai anniversary. But I doubt that they are going to have Go-busters Vs Gokaiger, since they met in Super Hero Taisen. Unless they give no sh!t to continuity and canon in storyline...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reviewing Episode: Let's Go Kamen Rider

Welcome to the first episode of Reviewing Episode, the section of where I review any shows or movies related to Tokusatsu. i did it since I need to vary my mind and also because not everyone read fanfic, so it's better to do something else too, right?

And my first victim is OOO, Den-O, All Riders Let's Go Kamen Rider, the 40th anniversary movie for Kamen Rider.

Okay, all main riders are here...wait, who the hell are you!? *looking at the red-white armor with peach eyes*
Skipping the whole story, I found a lot of weird things and a lot of unsatisfactory appear thanks to this movie.

First of all, I found that the show gets some problem from the start; the past actors of Kamen Rider is no longer can be contact. You see, in Japan, Kamen Rider is rendered real famous. And the actors and actresses will most likely get a lot of contract for other shows, unlike Super Sentai (from what I deduced).

Now, my first unsatisfactory is the presence of Den-O without the Den-O. Takeru Sato, the main actor of Kamen Rider Den-O, is out of reach. He is now super famous thanks to the series' successful. I mean, what's the point of having a cast of the show without the main cast? It's like the headless body, or having a Super Sentai series without red ranger. This brings us to my second unsatisfactory.

Den-O? No, no. You get the wrong person here. I am Kenshin Himura.
Den-O. Because of how successful the show is, Toei tends to overuse one thing that is famous and bring it up till the end of this world. Den-O is a 2008 show. But because most people love it, they keep making movies about it every year, and each movies are degrading every year. We are so lucky that OOO gets more focus then Decade and Kiva when they made the same crossover. But the question is, why Den-O? Because basically you can use the time-traveling plot of Den-O so that it would make more sense on how the riders meet up. But still not making any sense considering Heisei Riders are from different universes, confirmed by everyone. What about use the dimension traveling plot with Decade? Because Masashiro Inoue is too famous, no time. W, the one before OOO?

Look! Both W's main actors (Renn Kiriyama and Masaki Suda) clearly showing up at some point in the movie. That's mean they can actually show up for the whole movie. What? Can't Gaia Memory do the same about putting Kamen Riders into one place?

But don't worry. Den-O also not the main focus. It's about some kids that ended up into the past.

Problem rise here too.

Looking at how the show progress, it is mostly about how one mistake can change the whole history. That's a good thing. Except the time-traveling scheme is poorly done.

In the middle of the show, one of the boy, Naoki, stuck in the past. And in the end it turns out that Naoki lived like a normal people and grow up, get married, having a child that is actually his friend before he get stuck in the past...wait, WTF!? Is this Toei's way of making someone's friend banging that person's mom? But that's not the worst thing yet.

Not pictured: Hot mom in the future
 You see, in the earlier scene, it shows that Naoki has a memory of 40 years ago. That time happened before he had gone to the past (no connection here, Toei?). And then a paradox happened, and Naoki's life is now different. He is now a slum dog, not a millionaire. So, he lives in the past afterward, banging his friend's mom, who I'm sure is now a MYLF. So, he explain to everyone what happened and the present is not changed.

But, what about OOO? His story is still on!

This is why I hate Den-O...

You: Hey, shut up and just watched the whole show. At least we get to see all riders in movie.

Talk about the action, how awesome it is that all the main riders of their shows are introduced followed by their names said either by a lot of people there or by a mysterious announcer. Also we get their pose. So, what's wrong with that? Unlike Super Sentai's Legend War, we don't get to see all Riders fight in one scene. Why did this happened? Super Sentai has so many to be counted, yet they can appear all at once. But not Riders. Why, Toei!? Why!?

And about OOO's new form, TaMaShii (Taka, Imagin Shocker). We already know how Shocker medal is existed. Shocker created their own Core Medal. But what about Imagin Medal? Ankh clearly grabs out that thing out of Momotaros. He is a freaking Imagin! Made of sand! Is Ankh have some kind of magic hand that can create anything into a medal or something?  Hmm...*looking at my favorite actors and actress who name will not be mentioned*

The reason why I suddenly though ErYuI Combo (Erina Mano, Yumi Sugimoto, Yui Koike).
 I won't say much about Metal Hero appeared since I don't know much, but they just have a really short scene.

Technically, we are not riders. So that's understandable.
This is Kamen Rider movie. Why can't this show become epic? Super Sentai 35th anniversary is waaay better than this! F(bleep) you, Den-O!

So, I give this movie 2 out 5.

I better off watch porn (which is something I hate thanks to that annoying sound) rather than watching this movie.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Naruto & Tokusatsu Crossover Problem

For now I can see how famous Naruto is. An animation about ninja in orange jumpsuit. With powerful and interesting jutsus. I have to admit, as much as I complained about the fandom of this franchise, I am myself loved Naruto too. Naruto and Gundam are the only animation I would waste my time downloading them.

And...talk about the fandom, I can see that crossover is a common thing. Unlike Super Sentai and Kamen Rider who I'm pretty sure the only crossover that get attention is NOT outside the franchise. But for Naruto, crossover is something normal. Maybe because the needs of pairing him or any other characters in the show with others.

And talk about crossover, what I am complaining is how lack of a good crossover between Naruto and Tokusatsu show, especially Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. It seems the only thing those authors can think of is making a time paradox in the first episode of Naruto and making him the suited hero!

That is really piss me off! Did you know how stupid it is that the small boy happens to have a great power and when he use it, turning his body into adult-size? Oh fine, Kibaranger and Kingranger are small boys too. But at that time there is no Fanfiction.net (I failed at history, if you ever trying to bash me for that point). But now, people think that small kids becoming adult heroes are the worst idea ever. So, why bother doing it!!??

Owh, it doesn't stop there. If you are not be careful, even Sasuke gets the power. He is a small boy who doesn't know what sex is, and only focus on revenge. Did you know why no country ever let a young boy rule one? Because they are all immature, can't think of others, have no real point of life! And you gave him that power? F(bleep) you, vinegar-ass!

Why can't we have a Shippuden-shaped Naruto to have those? Why people love the obnoxious part of him more than the strategist part of him?

And worse, when can we have a crossover of Naruto's characters with Tokusatsu characters? Naruto get paired up with any of them rather than giving him a huge power and a lot of harem?

If you want to create a crossover storyline, make it CROSS-OVER! Cross those characters over with another set of characters! NOT CHANGING THE WHOLE STORY TO SUIT UP WITH ANOTHER SO-CALLED CROSSOVER STUFF! THAT IS NOT CROSSOVER! THAT IS JUST AU! JUST AU!

(The blogger is now admitted into the nearest hospital for too much stress...and apparently he is listening to SNSD's song while doing this article. Yes, everyone. He is an anti-fan. Except for the song. Not the people.)

Fanfic 2 Read: Kamen Rider Decade x Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Ah, back to Kamen Rider. There just so many interesting stuff about Super Sentai fanfics, but keep those up and I'm scared that people will say how biased I am. Well, up until now my only follower is ChrisX, so those bias thinging might still far.

Finally back to Kamen Rider fanfic. And now I am going to review Kamen Rider Decade X Kamen Dragon Knight by PhinalPhantasy. It is a combination of both hateful Decade series and the infamous successful adaptation Dragon Knight. And while I am doing this thing, I just don't know what's up with Phinal. Why is he taking so long to finish this? I don't know. That's his life, not mine. He probably have a life, unlike someone who wasted his time finishing his nobody-care fanfics. (crying)

So, the story is about Hikari Studio ended up rather than somewhere in Japan, it is somewhere in USA. That happens when Kit Taylor a.k.a. Dragon Knight is going to save his father from JTC a.k.a. Strike and those two not-attractive Asian brothers, who happen to have no stereotype. That's the first one I saw.

So, I'll give out of five stars...wait, you actually want me to review the whole thing? Fine!

 First of all, I am not a big, not even a small fan of non-canon storyline. It's fine if one story is original to its own world, but if you trying to change the history given in the canon storyline? It's a huge NO! Why must you destroy every single canon story given just according to what your heart desire? Are you dissatisfied with what happened? Can't you just let it go away?

Apparently no. Phinal screwed up a lot of Dragon Knight element. And the only thing I love is the short crack pairing of Tsukasa and Kase, and it is really short. Owh, wait. There's no such pairing in that story. SO that just mean there is nothing I love about this.

Except for how the author keeps up a good work in grammar and stuff. Meh, he's an American. No big deal.

What I also love about him is how he isn't the type that give up (from what I saw). His story takes a really long time to update. By long I mean it can take up more than a year just to update one chapter. ONE CHAPTER!


Well, at least we get to see Knight Vs Wing Knight, which can be pretty funny on how Kase tried to determine which one is the real Len. Of course, Knight is not a drone there (wait, what the hell?) and Ryuki fan should not forget that his name is Ren, which thanks to R-L problem in Japan, can be translated as Len. Hey, I'm sorry for explaining the pun joke here, but if you can't understand any pun here, why bother shouting at my face on how I spoiled everything?

So, overall, 2 out of 5. Sorry, Phinal, but your style of storyline isn't my favorite.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top Ten Super Sentai Team Finishers

Now I am going to start my first Top Ten. Please remember that this is my opinions only and does not concern anything of what people said.

And now we are going to have Top Ten Super Sentai Team Finishers. This will only covers full team finishers that is used frequently to finish off enemies. If there is less people in that attack, that's called combination attacks.

Also, I only covers something I've watched. If I never watch it, then it won't be there. So, no Showa.

10. D-Cannon (Dekaranger)

It's a dog! Don't you question me! And this thing didn't even get to be used a lot.

9. Gosei Buster (Goseiger)

To be truth, I love this thing. But I have to put it down here because it takes too long to just shoot the enemy with this. They have to say a really long dialogue then they agreed to shoot. It's like a countdown for each members. And it's wasting so many frames!

8. Voltech Bazooka (Timeranger)

It's a bazooka made out of smaller blasters. A BAZOOKA MADE OUT OF SMALLER BLASTERS!

7. Super Highway Buster (Go-Onger)

I don't know. It seems really cool that one of the weapon act as the bullet for the blaster...

6.  Rekka Daizantou Ozutsu Mode (Shinkenger)

This count as team finishers more because the four (or five) vassals give their discs, representing their powers to their leader. But why is it down here? Beause even if the series shows the disc using different power basics (Tora, Kabuto, Kajiki), it just the energy beam with different shape. No other side effect! Also, can I use Saisyu Ougi Disc or Super Disc or Zen Samurai Gattai Disc as the power basic?

5. Gokai Galleon Buster (Gokaiger)

Fine, this is just the same this as Rekka Daizantou's. But at least from the toy catalogue we know that we can use any keys for that! And the sound effects are addicting! RED CHARGE! PINK CHARGE! GREEN CHARGE! SUPPRESSOR CHARGE! RISING STRIKE!

4. Triple Connection Triple Gadget (Hurricanger)

I love this for how you can use it in three different modes. And it comes with three different effects! How's that, Shinkenger?!

3. Super Dino Victory (Abaranger Vs Hurricanger)

A blaster made up of weapons from two team. Now that's cool! I mean, how many time can you see such thing happens? It's not even impossible!

2. Evil-Crushing Hyakujuken (Gaoranger)

It's a sword! Not a blaster! A freaking huge sword made up by a lot of weapons! How awesome is that?

1. Dual Crusher (Boukenger)

But, this thing can be used by one person only, right? Maybe, but Boukenger keeps on using it as the main finishing weapon. It have two styles; Drill Head and Mixer Head. To think about it, it is kinda humiliating for the enemies if they ever get hit by the Mixer Head first then got destroyed by Drill Head. Think about it, you get froze by cement and when you have hard time breathing inside there, without any warning you got drilled that lead to your defeat.