Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Been so long...

Yup, it has been so long since I've updated this blog. I was in a slump before and wasting my time mostly on Youtube videos, TV shows and movies stealing, fanfic making and studying. Notice that studying is put at the last place there.

I really have no idea what to do with this blog. Should I review more fanfic? Reviews the Tokusatsu instead? Anything else? I was in a great creator's block. Or you could say, blogger's blog??

Nah... bad one.

Either way, I also kinda busy with fanfic building myself, perhaps why even reviewing others' works seems heavy to me. It is probably stemming from my own jealousy toward all of those awesome writers out there that gets a lot of great reviews not just on the borderlines of "this is good" or "update soon" or "more plz!". Like, actual reviews with words and stuff.

So I try my best to make my own fics. Guess the result. They are all bad. So bad they got no reviews. Not even subscriptions.

But that never really hurt me or anything. I was like, "maybe if I make more chapters with good story telling, they'll found my stories good?"

Then again, I never really did much chapters like my first fanfic. I ended up getting more blocks and ended up making more new fanfics.

Still, that doesn't really stop me or anything. As much as I love to create more ideas, I love writing a lot more.

But this year is just... a big year for me as a writer. It is my first time engaging haters.

Wow, I have no idea what my fic did that tick them off so bad that they start spewing flames all over me. I was like, "oh shit, what did I do wrong? Is it my story telling? the plot? the characters? Probably the characters. They are badly written after all."

They are all OCs after all. I wasn't fully aware of how much hatred those people against them.

But you know something that made me curious? Why now? What happen to all of those times when the reviews are nothing but empty silence? Why is the glorious Fanfiction.net has become Youtube somehow?

I got stuff like, "You suck. Your OC is just a self insert. I suggest do this and that. Delete your story."


What the fuck is wrong with these people!? That's just the first chapter for a continuous story. Can't you wait for at least 2 chapters in? Why being savage here??

I ended up feeling depressed and did what I hate certain authors did; deleting fics.

I delete some I just couldn't care anymore, make an entirely new story around them, post it for the public to hate.

I was wondering stuff along the way.

If you hate those fics, why can't you just ignore them? The button back on your browser has a reason for being there, you know? You are not being forced to read them.

Also, WHY HIDING AS GUESTS? Are you commenting as a reader only? You don't have an account? Can't make your own story if you hate others so much? Scared I'm sending trolls responds to you? I AM NOT AS LOW AS YOU. YOU CAN GO BACK TO YOUR MOM'S BASEMENT FOR ALL I CARE, YOU MISTAKES OF THE UNIVERSE!

Suggesting how I did my stuff!!?? Hello, who's the writer here? You think I made those on a whim? Kinda true, but all the main points have been fleshed out by yours truly!

It's not like your suggestion is that great either. I'm not hating your words, but at least understand that I want to may MY story, not YOURS.

And delete my story? How about you delete your memory about my fictions? Do you even have any authority to do that?

I know this is internet, where it is the living place of some of the most idiotic people ever. But how much of an idiot you guys are to understand the limits of your words?

I hope you guys know that the internet is supposed to train you on how to speak to real people, not creating a second personality of a rage monkeys while maintaining your PUSSY ASS MIND OUTSIDE OF THE COMPUTER!

Please, just let me make my own stories the way I want it to be. It doesn't matter how bad it is, or how suck it is, it shouldn't be yours to care about. We can accept gays, lesbians, transsexual, but we can't accept people with bad writings? How petty can you be?

Reflect on your own self, SNAIL SHIT.

From: The guy who just want to enjoy writing weird and original (kinda) stuff.
Also to: Smart people in the internet that know how to respect others feelings. You guys are the only people I can trust.

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  1. Ehem.

    Well, uh... that's kind of what happens in the internet. 'Smart people in the internet that knows how to respect others' feelings'... um, they prefer to be silent in general, whereas the 'human-shaped shits' are so insecure that they feel the need to be so loud and given attention. You know the term, Silent Majority, Vocal Minority.

    Granted... I did have a similar experience to you. A fandom raged on me just because I am looking for certain answers that I ran away.

    And it was around that time I entered slump and unable to write. I had to take down one of my grand fics... At the first glance, it was more like "Oh great, you bash characters you don't like, and then make the one character you like turn like Mary Sue, given all the attention and mention." (I did that because the original series wasn't kinda fair to that character, and like you, after a few chapters, things would be explained) But in truth, it was also the combination of a new official installment making my fic kind of stale and could be better if I just wait until the whole saga is over. And I didn't have proper planning. So there's that.

    I'm sorry that I'm not reading your fics. I just felt kinda BAD about OC in general, so I usually avoid OC fics, but I won't deny that if the fic's good, it's good, even if it's OC fic.

    Today's trend of the internet is sadly "Good and nice? BOOOORING! Being a jackass is much funnier and interesting!" That's why you encountered what you had so far: Trolls. Trolls who feed on your misery. And seeing you in misery like this? I'm sorry, but it has to be said: You let them win. You wanna know how to win against them? Don't give a fuck to them, learn to know which ones are stupid, insignificant reviews, which ones are actually good criticism that are worth listening to improve yourselves.

    Until the time where the trend is reversed (AKA the trend being "Being good and nice is AWESOME AND HIP! Being a jackass? LAAAME!"), that's what we can do to survive. Look, I revived myself probably in the wrongest time, I get less and less reviews, my old reviewers moved on with their lives and thought my fic is dead. But I've sworn that I will finish my fic regardless. Is it just because I want the attention and review? Maybe... but probably that's just a bonus. The thing is, I want to write it down until the end because I like it. I had this awesome idea and I think I won't be satisfied until I finally write it down, even if no one will read and review it, I will have things to imagine and smile about.

    Don't let the trolls win. If you see something disheartening and not worth listening, AKA those kind of hating comments... Remember, "Haters gonna hate" and they are better off ignored. Don't let them affect you. Okay, probably you're affected at this moment, but that doesn't mean you can't get back up and rise back like a Phoenix.

    That's my two cents.